Monday, 30 August 2010


Ok so I haven't any followers (ha I must suck) and considering I only have one other post, it could be that. I'm baaack lol. Anyway so not much new in my life. My stupid friends are still acting the same treating me the same way. This is just going to be me venting pretty much.So here it goes. Um one friend hasn't been kissed (she will be 16 next year) and this 'friend' just treats me like dirt HA. I mean I'm there for her when she needs something or there's no one else, but as soon as someone better comes along -poof- I don't exist. (That poof btw was me vanishing). Okay so thats pretty much what I'm going to be blogging about. I will reveal a secret and then vent or the other way around. Either way you get some juicy gossip instead or just whining. I wont name any of my friends though, because that's just mean!

Litttle birdie

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Never seen

This is just a little intro to me, and my life and shit like that. Well Im one of those people who are always in the background but never seen. I mean I seem to be noticed when someone wants something, or needs a favour, but otherwise I just blend into the walls. My life is just shit, I want to move house, I want to change my 'friends', but I can't. I put 'friends' like that because they are meant to be my friends, only when it suits them. My best friend for 3 years is deciding that Im not important anymore and the other people that she is friends with are more important and all the new friends she's made - 9 or 10 months- are suddenly better then me. Its just not fair, Im not gunna keep on like this on all my blogs though, it's probably boring you to death. Ha if anything interesting happens, I'll let you know.